Our Mission

Our goal at “Clear Sanitizing” is to provide society with the highest levels of public and private cleanliness and to improve the standards at which we hold ourselves today. The pandemic of 2020 (covid-19) was a clear display to the American people that we had not respected the public quality of our health to the same degree that we respect the other areas of our lives. We saw what could have prevented or minimized, and "Clear Sanitizing" wants to ensure that businesses have the best and most affordable option when they want to step up to a modern, higher standard of cleanliness. 

Why Us?


Our use of electrostatic sprayers to disinfect surfaces allows for complete coverage using nearly 70% less chemicals. On top of providing more professional results, there will be far less excess chemicals being used than other services.


Hard to Reach Areas:

Using a mystified spray allows us to disinfect every area in a facility, not just the ones easily accessible to reach. Small cracks and corners, high-touched parts of furniture that go ignored, and other hidden spots that conceal germ buildup will all be treated with the same effectiveness as the rest.


Touchless Application:

Contrary to typical cleaning, all our work is completed through the science of electrostatic spraying and involves zero human contact. No rinsing required. Clients can feel comfort knowing that all the surfaces in their freshly cleaned facility were last touched by the chemicals that cleaned them.


Less Time, Less Money: 

Electrostatic spraying also allows Clear Sanitizing to complete a job much faster than those who are not using the technology. The time it would take an employee without the technology to clean a facility to the same degree as we do would cause the final cost to be significantly higher than what we offer. We will complete that job quicker and with more long-term effectiveness, allowing you to save money and receive greater rewards.


EPA-registered products:

We use chemicals that are officially registered for use against COVID, its variants, and tons of other common viruses. You can feel safe knowing everyone in the facility is protected and can even market the sanitizing to make sure they know the same.